Future of Wealth Management

Wealth Management Lives Here

Previously known as Fintech Platforms and Wraps, the continued evolution of the wealth management industry is reflected in the new name “Future of Wealth Management”.

This conference will combine the three pillars driving our industry forward: Technology, Wealth Advice and Superannuation.


Our aim is to create a truly unique environment that informs and educates the decision makers across our industry. Situated in the exclusive and intimate settings of the RACV Royal Pines Resort, delegates are provided with a multitude of networking opportunities to make connections and develop true business prospects.

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NOTICE: Service providers and vendors are unable to purchase delegate passes to the event. If you wish to be involved, please contact one of our sales team.



Wed 22 Aug: 12pm- 4pm

Golf Day

Join either the hackers for 9 holes filled full of frustration and laughter, or tee-off with the "Professionals" for a 18 holes of competitive networking.

Wed 22 Aug: 04:00pm

Welcome Drinks

Thurs 23 Aug: 8:30am


Thurs 23 Aug: 9:00am

Welcome Address

Thurs 23 Aug: 09:00am

The Evolving Role of Platforms in the Planning Practice

Thurs 23 Aug: 09:45am

Money Management Managed Accounts Research Findings

Thurs 23 Aug: 10:20am

Australian superannuation - they’re all just platforms, right?

Thurs 23 Aug: 11:00am

Morning Tea + Start of stream

Thurs 23 Aug: 11:30am

Dealer Groups’ Insights into the advice chain and technology

Thurs 23 Aug: 12:10pm

Demystifying the Technology and the culture behind Fintech – War stories from a key supplier

Thurs 23 Aug: 12:40pm

Networking Lunch

Thurs 23 Aug: 01:40pm

The forecasted shortfall in new advisers and the rise of the self-licenced planner

Thurs 23 Aug: 02:20pm

Planning software – key component of advice efficiency – or is it a basis for new platform? Should we think of it as fintech?

Thurs 23 Aug: 03:30pm

Managed Accounts – Case studies and examples

Thurs 23 Aug: 04:00pm

How wide to platforms need to go?

Thurs 23 Aug: 04:40pm

Secret Session

Thurs 23 Aug: 05:10pm

Closing Remarks and Day 1 Wrap-up

Thurs 23 Aug: 06:30pm

Thurs 23 Aug: Conference Dinner

Fri 24 Aug: 8:30am

Welcome address - Day 2

Fri 24 Aug: 08:50am

Regulators Panel: APRA & ASIC

Fri 24 Aug: 09:30am

Are Platform pricing really heading to zero – and zero what?

Fri 24 Aug: 10:00am

Face up to it, the dealer group business model is broken!

Fri 24 Aug: 11:10

Secret Session

Fri 24 Aug: 11:30am

Who’s keeping score? Can we stop torturing statistics and be clear to customers?

Fri 24 Aug: 12:10

Closing Remarks and Conclusion

Fri 24 Aug: 12:20pm

Networking Lunch

Agenda is subject to change.