TPB calling for early renewals

Advisers should be planning and ahead and looking to renew their registration in December to beat the rush of 13,000 others who need to renew their tax registration by 1 January, according to the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

TPB chair Ian Taylor said processing delays could impact advisers who planned to leave re-registration until the last minute, and said steps should be taken early to ensure the process would be smooth.

“Complete your statement of relevant experience now, especially if it needs to be verified by a supervisor,” he said.

“Advisers who renew early will be registered for at least three years from their current expiry.”

Taylor said advisers should seek direction on the TPB website in the lead up to the renewal period, and could register for TPB webinars on the renewal process throughout November and December.

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Can Mr Taylor also explain why we even need to pay his organisation $400 for a certificate? Can Mr Taylor consider a fee for service costing as I cant see any service for this fee? Why have we been stitched up into another association to help pay their wages? Surely one association is enough! Dealership fees, professional association fees, PI fees, now TPB fees, we aren't magic puddings you know!

While you are at it, please also explain why a self-employed adviser, in a single adviser practice must pay two sets of fees? One to register the adviser and one for the business. As a result, an independent adviser is forced to pay almost 3 times the cost of a large institution, who is required to pay just one fee for the business ($400) and one fee for each of their hundreds of advisers ($200 each). It's just another example of how independents are getting screwed and these inept Government bureaucrats continue to give product floggers like the banks and industry funds an unfair advantage.

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