SMAs on Macquarie Wrap surpass $1.5 billion in FUA

Macquarie has announced that separately managed accounts (SMAs) on its Wrap platform have exceeded $1.5 billion in funds under administration (FUA), with the company having added a further 45 SMA models along with 51 managed funds to the platform over the past 12 months.

Cameron Garrett, head of wealth product and technology for Macquarie Wealth Management, said the growth in FUA is a testament to the extensive range of investment options available on Macquarie Wrap as well as the innovative technology, scale and security that the platform delivers.

“We’ve seen strong growth in recent years and this is largely due to the continued investment we have made in our platform. We’ve combined technology and innovation to free up the time of advisers so that they can focus on having holistic conversations with their clients,” Garrett said.

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“Through our SMA offering we’re enabling advisers to build portfolios that are both flexible and transparent. Our focus continues to be on bringing greater variety, providing deeper understanding and delivering improved client outcomes.”

On the Wrap platform clients have access to a range of SMA models from a variety of leading investment managers, including managers added over the last 12 months such as Vanguard, Zenith and Quilla, Macquarie said.

“We’re pleased to build on our longstanding relationship with Vanguard, which is one of the largest investment managers on the platform,” Garrett said. “In launching Vanguard SMAs on Macquarie Wrap, we have become the first platform provider in the Australian market to offer this investment option to advisers and their clients.”

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