Ecovis Clark Jacobs and MBS Insurance launch new offering

Business advisory firm Ecovis Clark Jacobs is expanding its financial accounting, taxation and audit services with a new integrated insurance offering, Ecovis Clark Jacobs Insurance, which will be jointly owner with risk specialist MBS Insurance.

The offering would include business continuity insurance, income protection insurance, trauma, life and TPD cover, both for individuals and companies seeking group risk protection for their staff.

Ecovis Clark Jacobs director, Heath Stewart, said that he firmly believed that an insurance advice capability was needed for the firm to provide “robust holistic advice to our clients.”

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Stewart also thought it was important that Ecovis Clark Jacobs itself was involved with the offering.

“It is important to us that this advice is provided through a company we are actively involved with to ensure a quality end-to-end risk insurance service – from the initial consultation and insurance needs assessed; the insurance underwritten; to updates that reflect changes in personal / commercial circumstances; but also in the event of a claim,” he said.

Stewart said that MBS Insurance was an ideal partner for Ecovis Clark Jacobs, who needed a partner who strengthened the firm’s insurance abilities.

“We didn’t have the specialist insurance capacity in house, so we chose a partner that already excels in this area.  A number of specialist firms were considered and MBS Insurance was selected as their culture, vision and values were aligned to those of Ecovis Clark Jacobs,” he said.

MBS Insurance partner, Kris Mason, also welcomed what the partnership would offer clients.

“Collectively, we bring together the best of our respective organisations to create a new way to engage with clients and support them to protect their financial futures,” he said.

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