Elkins joins KPMG

Colonial First State (CFS) executive general manager, Linda Elkins has been named as the new National Sector Leader for Asset and Wealth Management at KPMG.

KPMG has announced that Elkins, whose departure from CFS was announced yesterday, would be taking up her new role on 5 August.

It said Paul Howes who is currently Head of Asset and Wealth Management, had become National Managing Partner of KPMG Enterprise and would continue to lead the Asset and Wealth Management practice and transition responsibilities to Elkins who would take over as sector leader on 1 October.

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Everybody is a winner out of the RC, expcept the poor old retail adviser who is left to pick up the pieces.

they didn't allow my first comment. Nothing that isnt said already said on the MS media comments section though. I suppose you aren't suppose to comment of the competency of CBA execs and on the ethics of CBA letting them leave on their own terms. She will have good experience to bring to KPMGs remediation program. First hand experience how to treat customers and Advisers poorly. Nothing that wasnt publicly said in the RC moderator!

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