FASEA course approvals

FASEA has confirmed its approval of a first round of graduate diplomas and bridging courses from select higher education providers as part of its education standard for financial advisers.

The approval was recognition of the alignment of the listed programs and courses with FASEA’s required curriculum and standards.

The graduate diplomas and bridging courses are requirements for existing advisers to meet the education standard across existing adviser pathways as defined in FPS001 Education Pathways Policy.

FASEA had approved the following current and historical graduate diplomas, and bridging Courses from:

Stephen Glenfield, FASEA Chief Executive Officer, said: “The release of the approved list of Bridging Courses and Graduate Diplomas gives advisers a clear pathway to meet the education standard by 1 January 2024.”

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Now just need to adjust the Implementation timeframe (push back 12 months) to reflect the delay in the release of this information.

YWhy aren't FASEA being held accountable for requiring approved Graduate Diploma's from 1 January 2019 and only approving them on 13 June 2019!? Where is the focus on why the delay? Maybe its time to merge FASEA into ASIC , deliver budget savings and refund the taxpayers before any more waste occurs.

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